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Man, I love that ...
Posted By: Rose About Me
Posted On: 10/5/2006 10:48:21 PM

Talking to myself... again.


It's a beautiful day and I'm happy to see another day.

I beleive they're happy too but only they're so busy.

yes, so that no one thought of enjoying the day with me.

I don't know, may be I did something bad, I hurt them or something. I beleive they will forgive me someday!!

Don't you think you should say you're sorry and ask them to forgive you??

I just did.

No, You gotta do it right, you know... say you're sorry!!

Alright. If I hurt anyone, please, forgive me.

Good. Now what else we should say??

I guess, we just say we love them... how about that?

Yes, that would be pretty cool. We need to say it often, because, we may never come back tomorrow.

Everyone, we love you. Just thought you should all know!!

We better go now, we'll come back tomorrow.

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