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Tears in a bottle
Posted By: Rose About Me
Posted On: 9/19/2006 10:49:48 PM

We've shed many tears and God had saved them in bottles. He then read them and answered them.

We have an awesome God and a loving wonderful Savior, Jesus Christ.



Tears in a Bottle

You gave me strength to carry on,

When my body was so torn.

And lifted me on wings of love,

When my spirit was so worn.

Through all the times when in despair,

When I hung my head in shame.

You came to me when I knelt down,

As I called upon your name.

And when my heart was troubled,

With more heartache than I could bear.

You caught each and every tear I shed,

In a bottle you have up there.

And when I get to heaven,

I'll kneel before your feet.

You'll wipe away all my tears,

For my soul is yours to keep.


Whatever your problems are, take them to Jesus.

He will comfort you and help you through them, always!

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Tears in a bottle (Rose - 9/19)

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