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The Most Costly Life
Posted By: tiredtim About Me
Posted On: 8/6/2006 9:37:34 PM

Man, I've thought about the Christian life a lot lately. Some of it is great, some of it just sucks, and some of it you just grow indifferent towards. I think that's the only areas one can really divide the Christian life up in.

I think we can all relate to just such a real, authentic way of putting this life. We accept Christ and with it comes the benefits of being accepted in to God's Kingdom. We become heirs with Christ; we receive if we hold to the end, the salvation that God promises us; we get to be with God in His kingdom at the end of the ages. These are all the great parts. These are the free gifts of God.

Then the parts that we don't care for if we really think about it. Sometimes we look back on our old lives and wish we could go back to a few things. We know that they aren't good for us, but we still sometimes in the flesh really wish there was some way of enjoying that again. Though of course for some strange reason we forget about the pain that was associated with that. Then we also look at other things we don't care for. I'm referring to what the cost is of living for Christ. I mean it's really costly. First off we gotta surrender control to Christ, which before coming to Him we thought we had it made. Now we realize we made nothing. We learn to slowly give up ways that we lived for a better way that God's Word tells us, but we are often too slow to see those good benefits. It means thinking different, acting different, and speaking different and of course creating new habits. It truly is a new creature; we've become a new creature. It costs us everything to truly live this way. If we say it doesn't cost us anything, we are a liar. Sometimes it costs us the money in our pockets or bank accounts. Sometimes it costs us the clothes on our backs. This is the most expensive life to live.

Then there are the indifferent areas. Now these areas arise very easily in the American culture and this is very sad indeed. We become numb to the needs of the people around - to the people who are poor, to the beggars, to the drug addicts, to single mothers. There's too many things to list, but we've become numb or passive about them, letting it all pass by. We no longer place a face with the need. We can so easily write a check to an organization and hope and believe that that money is going to that need, but we don't have to look those people in the face that have the need. That is truly human poverty of the soul. I'm guilty of it and a large part of the Christian population is guilty of it too. When will we wake up from the slumber of comfort and money and get out into the world to bring change. If someone pricks you, you will bleed, but will you feel it? I don't know.

May we awake from this all and realize that we are meant to live the mostly costly life with purpose and passion. That we are meant to live it with people and not alone. That we are to live it in such a way as to create beauty from the mess that we have created. There's only one way and it is up from this farce of a life too many of us are living. Catch a glimpse of the sun (Son) maybe, just maybe the true Kingdom of God will reveal Himself more in your heart.

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