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Prayer for Israel
Posted By: tiredtim About Me
Posted On: 8/1/2006 9:24:22 AM

I thought I'd title this message "Prayer for Israel", though Lebanon needs prayer too. I think it is a shame that Israel and Lebanon are fighting and killing each other because of some soldiers that each are holding as prisoners. I don't recall anything of this magnitude happening. We shouldn't be praying for Israel to roll over and destroy Lebanon just because they are God's chosen nation. That doesn't make sense. We should be praying for peace just as Jesus tried to show us through His life and the words He spoke. Though we may miss it and I think Israel has missed it, Lebanon is their brother and sister and vice versus. We were all created to reflect the face of God, but these two nations don't seem to know it or they have rejected it. So I say we pray for "PEACE." May the Prince of PEACE, Jesus Christ, intervene in the hearts of both nations to stop this nonsense and bring PEACE back.

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Prayer for Israel (tiredtim - 8/1)

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