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The Workings of the Holy Spirit
Posted By: tiredtim About Me
Posted On: 7/20/2006 10:59:12 PM

I've been reading the New Testament lately, from the Gospels to the book of Acts. I have found it interesting as I have paid attention to the parts that refer to the Holy Spirit.

Now I have known a good part of my life that the Holy Spirit should be referred to as "He", as an actual person. Now I have heard some refer to the Holy Spirit as an "it", but I do believe this to be an error in thinking. Though of course, you wouldn't realize this unless told this, like I was as a little kid. The Holy Spirit should be referred to as "He" because He is the Spirit of God. To refer to the Holy Spirit as "it" is to set it on equal standing with other religions and cults of the world. But back to what I was thinking about.

I've thought hard about this as I have observed how the Holy Spirit comes on someone. The first people to receive the Holy Spirit were the apostles. Jesus breathed on them and told them to receive Him. Then later, also you see a physical manifestation of the Holy Spirit as tongues of fire above the disciples' heads when they were in the upper room waiting for the Holy Spirit to come as Jesus had promised them after His death. The Holy Spirit would be their helper in teaching them and reminding them of all that Jesus had taught them while He had been with them. Then we also get to see people who've obviously believed and have been baptized in Jesus' name, but haven't received the Holy Spirit yet. Some apostles would come and pray and then lay their hands on the new believer and as Acts chapter 8 says, "they received the Holy Spirit." Now how do they know the Holy Spirit has been received, unless of course there was an outward/physical manifestation of the working of the Holy Spirit. And of course, other times, the Holy Spirit was received by new believers even before they were baptized. They had obviously believed that Jesus was the Christ and thus their belief led to them being filled with the Holy Spirit. Again there must have been an outward working of the Holy Spirit so one would know that they had received Him.

I am just amazed at the different ways that the Holy Spirit was received. But I do find it disturbing that we in the church today don't see the workings of the Holy Spirit very active today. I have seen many who believe that the actual physical working of the Holy Spirit does not happen for today, which I find hard to believe. Those who think in this way, seem to be living the least powerful lives for the Kingdom of God. While those who do believe in the outward workings of the Holy Spirit, do seem to be living quite powerful lives for the Kingdom. But I also must say that those who don't seem to be living with the power of the Holy Spirit present in their lives, are also those who don't study God's Word regularly and put Christ's words into action. If you study the Gospels closely, you find that if you believe Jesus is the Son of God, then you will love Him; if you love Jesus, then you will obey Him. So if we will just believe in Him, then we will love Him, which will in turn lead to our obedience to His Word. Of course, "belief", "love", and "obedience" can be seen in a different order than what I've stated, all being valid. We are so caught up in programs and clubs in the church, that we make no time for studying God's Word and thus we are powerless.

One last thing that I have notice about the receiving of the Holy Spirit is this: "You get, what you expect." What I mean is if you are expecting and believing that the Holy Spirit is going to be manifesting Himself outward in power, then that's what you are going to get. If, instead, you believe that the Holy Spirit only dwells in you, but He cannot be detected in any way, then that's what you get.

I just pray that the churches in the United States start waking up, because we have stray so far from God and following His Word with true love and devotion. We worship the mighty dollar; what we need to do is worship Almight God.

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