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What about prayer
Posted By: tiredtim About Me
Posted On: 5/9/2006 7:28:07 AM

I think that it's been for like the past few weeks, everywhere I turn prayer is being talked about. Some have asked "Why do we pray when God already knows our needs?", others it's just that lessons seem to be revolving around prayer, or we've had the national day of prayer like last week, or we had an extended time of prayer for the student's Christian club at school. Everywhere I am, prayer is on the minds of people. It seems from what I hear, people aren't praying much at all. I believe this is sad, but not uncommon.

I've even pondered about prayer and about the question "Why do we pray?" And well, my thoughts have revolved around this answer that "It puts our faith into action in an interesting way, by causing us to consciously trust in God with our needs." What earthly father wouldn't want his children to spend time with him? If we can honestly answer that, we realize that we as children were always trying to get the attention of our fathers at young ages. If this is true, and I believe it is, then we should be longing to be with our heavenly Father and desire to converse/talk with Him and share our deepest fears, not just our formulated words.

And as I've thought about the words I say and pray, I realize that they haven't been honest, gut-wrenching honest. They're filled with words like "blessed," what does that word really mean. It's almost like a mysterious word that we as Christian have made up today. Or how about "Dear God", why that phrase? It makes us sound like we are writing a letter to a distant relative or someone who is so far away that we really can't reach them. God isn't distant to those who call on His name. He is near to save us as His Scriptures promise.

I've re-evaluated my prayers and what I'm doing while praying. I've tried to avoid the word like "blessed" and other words that I used to use, and have just gotten down to the real issues, the real things that are going on in my life. I've become honest with God with who I am, that I'm broken, that I'm tired, that I'm frail, but that He's made me that way, so that I do rely on Him, so that I do come to Him. He wants to care for me; He wants to be my strength when I'm weak; and yet I realize in that that He is good and righteous, His judgments will always overcome the evil of my heart. That might cause pain, but it's good for us. Suffering is a part of life, it pushes me forward into more and more the likeness of Jesus, so if so that I might rejoice in it. My faith is being tested and purged, it is being cleansed and molded into something that will bring out more of the character of Christ out later in life. Our prayer lives are preparing me and you for the promises of God. Prayer is our faith in action, it is where non-formulated words expose and express our pains and hurts, our joys and triumphs all into one beautiful mess.

Pray with joy. Pray with pain. Pray with honesty. Pray before the Lord with weeping. Pray with shouts of praise before the Lord. Do it all in one breath. This is who we find ourselves to be and who we are becoming before God. HOld nothing back.

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