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WOW Christmas (2011)
Hope Was Born This Night
Sidewalk Prophets
WOW Christmas (2011)
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Tonight I can see a star shine
And its splendor fills up the sky
It's the same that appeared and the wise men revered
When hope was born this night
Out upon the snowy fields
There's a silent peace that heals
And it echos the grace of our saviors embrace
Because hope was born this night
Glory to God in the highest
Peace on earth good will toward men
Let all of the world sing a chorus of joy
Because hope was born this night
I can hear the Christmas bells ring
As softly a church choir sings
It's the song used to praise, the ancient of days
When hope was born this night
There are angels in this place
And my heart resoundeth the praise
Like a shepherd so scared I'll rejoice and declare
That hope was born this night
Glo - ri - a, Glo - ri - a (x4)
I know hope was born this night
Because Christ was born this night
  • ©2010 Dayspring Music, LLC
  • Ben McDonald & Dave Frey
  • 5873296
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