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Speaking Louder Than Before
I'm Alive
Jeremy Camp
Speaking Louder Than Before
KEY - Db
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I felt so overwhelmed with guilt
I don't know how many times that I'd fight it
I tried it and barely survived it
I fell in the nearest pool of shame
Took the blame and everything that surrounds it
Well, I found it and I drowned in it.
Oh, I never thought that I'd erased this
Or replace this feeling down
Oh, but my whole life changed
When you saved me and forgave me now
I'm alive, I'm alive like I've never been
Been revived from the lies that were deep within
It's the past now, it's the past
Cause Christ has given life where I'll never thirst again
I lost everything I had, but I'm glad cause
I would never have found you
Well it rings true the words that spoke through
You've given more than I can say
And I know that I could never repay you
But, I thank you, I can't wait to embrace you
Oh, I spun around for a long time
And I always felt so blind
I never thought I could feel it
Well, I feel it now
Oh, I can feel it now everytime I turn around
Knowing I have been set free from the pain and misery
I will make the most of this hope I have
  • ©2008 Thirsty Moon River Publishing / Stolen Pride Music
  • Jeremy Camp
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