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Make Me Who You Want Me To Be
Matt Morgan
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of a move that posted to the Insight Film Festival in 2007. It is one
of my favorites that I have written!
My voice is calling out to you, can you hear me?
I don’t want you to, I’m so confused.
My hands are lifted up to you, can you see me?
Nothing left to prove, I feel so used.

I don’t know you anymore, wondering what you have in store for a sinner like me.
You say you forgive me when I fall, and you hear me when I call.
But it feels like nothing can set me free.

Father I loved you, put nothing else above you. But I feel like running away.
I’m bent and I’m broken, like this world is choking the life right out of me.
Spirit come move me, fill me and use me, make me who you want me to be.
Make me who you want me to be, make me who you want me to be.

  • ©2007 Matt Morgan
  • Matt Morgan
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