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Let Me Go
Susan Ashton

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Let Me Go
Susan Ashton
G/C /B Am7sus F2add6 C/E
G/C G6/B Am7sus
Sometimes the hardest people to say I love you to
Fmaj7 G/C /B
Are the ones you love the most, I don't know why this is so
Am7sus F2
Maybe it's the years, the pride, the tears, the fear
G/C /B Am7sus F2
The pain, I don't know, I don't know
When I was nurtured in your nest, you held my hand
For that I owe you so much, and those memories are mine
And I never want to lose them, but now these tender wings are dry
But I'll never learn to fly if you don't let me use them

C2 G Am27sus F2
Let me go, let me live or die a fool's death
C2 G Am27sus F2 /E
Let me laugh, let me cry, let me learn the hard way
Dm7 F2 C/E G/C /B Am7sus F2add6 C/E
Let me grow, let me go
I am standing at the crossroads, looking on my life
So many choices to make but I have to choose
So hold me in your dreams, hold me in your thoughts
Hold me in your prayers and hold me in your heart and

Dm7 F2 C2/E C
...Let me grow, let me go
G Am2 F2 /E Dm7 /E F2 C/E C2
Words and music by Wes King and Wayne Kirkpatrick
© 1992 Locally Owned Music, Inc./Emily Boothe, Inc./Magic Beans Music (BMI)

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