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I Hear You
Susan Ashton

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I Hear You
Susan Ashton
A2 G/A A2
There are times I understand and times I question why
G/A D2maj7
And when the time's at hand sometimes I want to cry
But cannot shed a tear
There are moments in the shade, there are moments in the sun
And there are certain days that I wish would never come
But still they reach me here
G2 A2 G2 A2 Cmaj7 G
In the silence of my mind there's a solace that I find

A2 Em9 G/D
And when my soul hits the mark and light splits the dark
I hear You
Em9 G/D A2
And when my heart starts to move I know that it's You I hear
G2 A2 G2 A2
Oh, I hear You, oh, I hear
Some are who they say they are and some are not at all
Some will catch their rising star while others watch theirs fall
Through the hands of destiny
Some are taught to live a lie, some are searching for the truth
Some are caught between their pride and the innocence of youth
Which one of them is most like me?
In the silence of my mind there's a solace that I find

G2 A2 G2 A2
G2 A2 G2 A2
G2 A2 G2 Bm Em7/A
In the silence of my mind there's a solace that I find

A2 G/A A2 G D/F# Em7
|:[ / / / / ][ / / / / ][ / / / / ][ / / / / ]:|
repeat CODA ad lib and fade
Words and music by Wayne Kirkpatrick
© 1987 Emily Boothe, Inc. (BMI)
    printed from

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