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In Amazing Grace Land
Susan Ashton

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In Amazing Grace Land
Susan Ashton
G2 F/G C/G G2
What can wash away my sin, nothing but the blood of Jesus
F/G C2 G2
What can make me whole again, nothing but the sacrifice
Em7 Bm67 C2 G2
I don't understand how You could save someone like me
Em7 Bm67 C2 D7sus
But here in Your hand there's no place my heart would rather be

G/B C G/D C2 G2
Without Your love, there'd be no healing
D C2 G2
There'd be no blood raining down to cover me
Am7 G/B C2 Em D/E Em
I once was lost but You found me and brought me here
C2 D7sus D7 C2 G/B C G/D C2
Now there's a halo over me in amazing grace land
Even though at times I walk in the valley of the shadow
I know You're watching over me and so I have no fear
I rest in Your field and I feel safe within Your fold
The water is still right here where You restore my soul

...I once was lost but You found me and brought me here
Now there's a halo over me in amazing grace land
G2 /B C2 G D/F# Em D7sus D7 C/D G/B C G/D

In amazing graceland...
Words and music by Wayne Kirkpatrick and Phil Madeira
© 1991 Emily Boothe, Inc. (BMI)/Little Dude Music (ASCAP)
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