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Here In My Heart
Susan Ashton

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Here In My Heart
Susan Ashton
Ab Absus Ab Absus Ab Absus Ab Absus
Ab Absus Ab Absus Ab Absus Gb6
Wondering, waiting, restless for a sign
Ab Absus Ab Absus Ab Absus Gb6
I thought You walked so slow, in my haste I left You behind
Db Eb Db Eb
Caught in the pace of this madness, searching for shelter I find

Ab/C Db2 Ab Eb
(That) here in my heart there's a refuge waiting
Ab/C Db2 Ab Eb
Here in my heart You just won't let me go
Db Bbm7 Eb
I could run away, run away, but You stay here in my heart
Meaning, purpose got lost in pursuit of my dreams
I've been longing, aching, in quest for a love that's supreme
I couldn't see You were reaching, but I should've known all along

Eb in my heart
Eb /Db Ab/C Ab Eb/G Gb6+7
Eb /Db Ab/C Ab Eb/G Gb6+7
Caught in this place of madness, searching for shelter to find

Db Bbm7
...I could run away, run away
Fm Gb
I could run away, run away
Bmaj7 Ab7/C
I could run away, run away, run away
Fm7sus Ebm/F
Oh but You stay
Absus Ab Eb/Ab Absus Ab Eb/Ab
repeat CHORUS ad lib and fade
Words and music by Susan Ashton and Gayla Borders
© 1992 Birdwing Music and BMG Songs, Inc. (ASCAP)/Grayson Castle Songs (BMI)
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