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Down On My Knees
Susan Ashton

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Down On My Knees
Susan Ashton
I've got a witness not too stable, it wouldn't get me very far
D A G2
I've got one hand on the table and one in the cookie jar
I've got sins that need eviction from a temple that's a wreck
I've got a chain of contradiction hanging around my neck
G/A D/A G/A D/A Ano3
So I go down, down, I go down on my knees
I feel the bitter winds grow colder, they are dancing with my pride
I've got a chip on my shoulder bigger than a mountainside
And these claws of human nature hold me tight within their clasp
I'm not worthy of forgiveness but I just had to ask
So I go down, down, I go down on my knees

Em7/A D Em7/A A Em/A D A
Feed my hunger - slake my thirst for a spiritual rebirth
Em7/A D Em7/A A
Light my darkness, move in me
Em7/A D A7 A/E D/F# A
Make me more than what You see as I go down on my knees
When I've all but killed the fire and my soul's in desparate need
But I wallow in the mire of complacency, that's when I go down on my knees
I want to taste the fruit I'm missing and yet I feast only on the bread
My desire's alive and kicking but my drive is dead
So I go down on my knees

You bear the weight of condemnation cleansing with the blood of truth
So with my humble acclamation, I want to give myself to You
So I go down, I go down, down, down
I go down on my knees
I go down, I go down, I go down on my knees
I go down, I go down, down
I go down on my knees
Words and music by Wayne Kirkpatrick
© 1991 Emily Boothe, Inc. (BMI)
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