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Alice In Wonderland
Susan Ashton

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Alice In Wonderland
Susan Ashton
Db7 Gb
Db7 Gb
Db7 Gb
When Alice has an answer it's a common rationality
Db7 Gb
She measures her phrases, tipping the scales of reality
Db7 Fb2 Cb/Eb Gb
But does she know that it's cold to sing songs to a troubled heart
Db7 Abdim/D
Tho' her aim is sincere she's missing the mark

Cb Cbm6 Gb/Bb Cb Cbm6 Gb/Bb
She paints her world in yellow and green, covering over the greys
Cb Cbm6 Gb/Bb Ab7
'Cause life's demands are hard to understand
Db7 Gb
So Alice stays lost in her wonderland
I said - Alice look around you, people are falling to pieces
Yea, even the faithful, the ones who still believe in Jesus
But that doesn't mean they've fallen from grace
But in her landscape, their heartache is so out of place

Db7 Gb Db7 Gb
So can we talk of shoes and of ships?
Fb2 Cb/Eb Gb
Can we talk of cabbages and kings?
Db7 Abdim/D
And of learning to live with the mystery of things

Db7 /Eb Fb2 Gb
So Alice stays lost in her Wonderland
Words and music by Wayne Kirkpatrick and Billy Sprague
© 1992 Emily Boothe, Inc./Magic Beans Music (BMI) / Skin Horse Inc./Paragon
Music Corp. (ASCAP)
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