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In Not Of

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Song: "In Not Of"
Artist: Avalon
Album: "In a Different Light"
Copywrite: 1999 Vogan Poetry/ASCAP/River Oaks/BMI
Tabbed By: Cathy Bond (
F Dm
I hide me far away from trouble
F Dm
The world outside me grows darker by the day
F Dm
So I promise to stay here close beside him
Gm Dm F
Surely God would want His children safe
F Dm
Then reading how my eyes were opened
F Dm
I find that He is leading us out into the world
F Dm
Into the middle of fallen saints and sinners
Gm Dm F
Where a little grace is needed most

F Dm
Come take the light to darkened parts
Gm F
Share His truth with hardened hearts
F Bb F
We are not like the world, but we can can love it
F Dm
Come bring the hope to hopeless men
Gm F
Until the lost are found in Him
Dm F Gm Bb F
He came to save the world so let us be In it not of it
F Dm F
Wait a minute if we say we love them why are we not in it
Why we run and hide
F Dm
Entertain a stranger maybe entertain an angel
Gm Dm F
The danger is if our worlds don't collide
Repeat Chorus
C Dm C
We've cursed the darkness far too long
C Dm C
We need to hold the candle high
C Dm C
We have to go and right the wrongs
C Dm Gm F
We need to touch the world with love With His love
F Dm F
Wait a minute if we say we love them why are we not in it
Why are we not in it
Repeat chorus
~If you have any questions, comments, or other info email me at *Romans 1:16*
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